In Flycatcherstudio Video Production Internship,

you will get to work on exciting projects and learn every part of successful video production including idea boards, samples, production and editing. We focus on mobile optimized video clips and content.

Working and living on the sailing yacht Flycatcher on the Indian Ocean. In your spare time you have the opportunity to enjoy interesting outdoor activities.

Here’s your chance to gain valuable knowledge and professional experience in video production to set yourself apart.

What you will be doing

Assisting the creative team in production and editing projects related to Roadmovie Workshop, Video Production and Video Marketing.

Skills / Experience

Those with a filming background and a good eye for detail, who would like to exercise their knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite using Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects and Photoshop. Keen or general knowledge of Filmmaking. Must be able to use camera for stills and moving image. Must have basic knowledge of film and image editing.

Your Profile

Self-motivated and enthusiastic.

What you will learn / we will teach you

How to use mainly Adobe Premiere Pro to produce Roadmovies, Interviews and Video Portraits.

How to create new content for different platforms like Website, Social Media, Email Marketing and Press.

How to assist with various administrative tasks, learning the day to day upkeep of a studio on water.

How to be a member of a creative team, research, develop and produce creative content in a professional capacity.


Apply with a CV and cover letter along with portfolio examples or links.

Contact us for further information: contact(at)

The two article "How does Flycatcherstudio move pictures?" and "Successful with corporate video marketing" provide further information on the subject.

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