Is video marketing going to be Noah's Ark in the flood of images?

The flood of images flooded us. An estimated 3.8 trillion photos were created throughout human history till 2011, and in 2015, 1 trillion photos were taken in just one year.

This fast-paced development also concerns the moving image. YouTube alone has over a billion users. About 60% of digital traffic is generated by video content.

This exponential increase in images is a major challenge for marketing, to be noticed in the flood of images.

Compared to pictures and texts, video offers a higher information content in a shorter time, combined with entertainment. Since the attention span of the prosumers is getting shorter and shorter, the interest has to be awakened within seconds. Video is ideal for increasing the length of attention.

We define the prosumer - the customer of today - as a professional consumer, who has already diverse information and differentiated demands on products and services.

The agency is convinced:

Video is the most preferred and important element in visual communication.

For video market to be recognized and successfully reach its business goals, video marketing must be considered in the content strategy.

Videos conquer all areas: Branding - Sales – Services

Today, digital video is primarily associated with YouTube, Instagram or Facebook video advertising, as well as brand promotion on websites. Noteworthy are the marketers who have been successfully involved in comprehensive video marketing in recent years: Video clips accompanies the prosumer throughout the customer journey, right up to and after the purchase. A more emotional buying experience and better understanding of the offer results in greater customer loyalty.

From the creative video campaign, to customer references, to the personalized product video, video plays a promotional role in the marketing sales channel.

The Flycatcherstudio agency considers and prioritizes moving image in the following areas as an efficient marketing multiplier:

  • Professional customer reference video portrait
  • On-demand product and service video
  • Explanatory and educational videos
  • Video interviews with substance
  • Visualize case studies with moving image
  • On-demand and live webinars
  • Video blog
  • Event Videos
Interactive videos

will soon become reality and has been a topic for several years. One of the biggest challenge was and is how we implement it, so that videos can be interactively tailored and work on desktop, tablet and mobile. Since HTML5, the new video player technologies and design tools for creating interactive elements, great progress has been made. For example, it's not about being able to just click on a dress in a video to buy it, but about integrating content into the lead management process, in accordance with interest, with built-in queries and data capture fields. In this way, a static video becomes an interactive tool and creates leads and customers.

In the future, marketers will provide prosumers with an individualized video selection for their content journey. Through this relevant content, the potential customer is much more involved. On the other hand, the marketer can evaluate the data from the customer journey and use it to optimize the customer journey.

Personalized videos are a bridge to the customer.

Personalization is an important trend in digital marketing. Although there are many creative ways of personalization, the main application today is still antiquated email marketing. With real-time personalization based on big data, new concepts and opportunities are also emerging for personalized video advertising. A personalized video campaign creates added value for everyone involved. Personalized content will increase the click and conversion rate by 300% -1200%, depending on the project.

Video analysis is the key to valuable video content.

One of the most interesting ways of professional video marketing is to evaluate the prosumer engagement. It's not about simply evaluating how many times a video has been started, but on what device, for example desktop or mobile, the video was viewed, or whether the video was watched to the end or where it was stopped, as well as which areas were viewed repeatedly. Also, the evaluation of the so-called call to action in the video is a great help for marketing. Tracking and its evaluation is the key to optimizing video marketing. It helps to create successful video content that is noticed and generates qualified leads.

Core competence video marketing

8 years ago, do you think that the entire team in the business world cared about social media? With the rapid growth and importance of video, the potential for interaction and personalization, the ability to anonymize user data, video marketing is becoming an important tool for the marketing and sales team.

YouTube is now the second most important search engine - it can be advantageous to be there. The disadvantage is the advertising and the distraction with more content. The goal of YouTube is to create the longest possible retention, which in turn increases the opportunity to place more advertising.

What brings YouTube to your business? Does it make sense to use the new social media video channels of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Or should a neutral video platform be chosen in order to be able to completely control the video contributions? What is the best video marketing strategy in the long term?

The Flycatcherstudio agency is convinced that sooner or later video marketing will become a core competency in the marketing department. We are happy to support you in the video marketing strategy and implementation.

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