Authentic and informative videos are becoming increasingly important.

Analysts say that by 2020, 80% of video content on the Internet will be video. Mark Zuckerberg predicts the same for Facebook and pushes video extremely. Organic reach can be reached on its platform almost only with video content.

If you want to stay visible on the net, you should invest in moving pictures yourself.

Today, anyone can record appealing videos with their smartphone, a mobile phone or a camera.

This course teaches the most important basics of video production, both in theory and in practical exercises.

For whom?

For those who want to produce authentic and informative videos with few resources.


After the course the participants can put an interview partner and/or themselves in the right light and picture and record their message with the right microphone. You can shoot specific mood pictures and cut it together appropriately.


  • Hardware for a controlled image
  • Microphones for a good sound
  • A clear message thanks to good tone
  • Putting interview partners in the right light
  • How your interview partner looks competently
  • Photo work
  • The photo becomes a video
  • Frame size instead of pans and zooms
  • Avoiding cut connection problems
  • Editing options for interviews
  • Practical exercise to lead an interview and editing/cut a short video clip
Date and price

Date on request

1 Day
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Costs: 580 USD

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