Video Marketing Workshop

In which areas does moving images convey your company?Potential customers are constantly connected to the Internet media, but they rarely feel addressed and can easily be distracted. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to reach new customers. A proven advertising measure is video, which increases user engagement. Video clips are authentic and appeal to the senses.The enormous increase in video and video marketing in recent years does not make an overview and value-enhancing advertising strategy easy. [...]

Successful with corporate video marketing

Is video marketing going to be Noah's Ark in the flood of images?The flood of images flooded us. An estimated 3.8 trillion photos were created throughout human history till 2011, and in 2015, 1 trillion photos were taken in just one year.This fast-paced development also concerns the moving image. YouTube alone has over a billion users. About 60% of digital traffic is generated by video content.This exponential increase in images is a major challenge for marketing, to be noticed in the flood of images.Compared to pictures and texts, video offers a higher information content in a shorter time, combined with entertainment. Since the attention span of the prosumers is getting shorter and shorter, the interest has to be awakened within seconds. Video is ideal for increasing the length of attention [...]

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