Roadmovie Workshop

Flycatcher.cc Roadmovie Workshop - an individual coaching offerAs part of an individual process, a protagonist embarks on a journey, in his road movie. The events are recorded with a camera and produced as a film. In the triangle between protagonist, companion and camera, oral coaching and filmed action combine to form a holistic set. The goal is a decisive impulse setting in the three-step process of knowledge, action and change. The protagonist is the main actor and co-director of the film to be produced. The accompanying coach will be co-director, camera and coach [...]

How does Flycatcher Studio move pictures?

AuthenticityOur lives are powerfully influenced by multimedia. The demand for moving pictures is growing rapidly. The more compelling movie clips a website has, the more popular it is with Google and users. With classic commercial film production forms, however, this big hunger for moving images can no longer be satisfied and financed.The agency Flycatcherstudio.com tells visual stories, realizes marketing clips, portraits, interviews and reports - through authentic contributions.We position ourselves between the expensive, soft-washed commercial and the impromptu YouTube video clip. YouTube's proliferation has changed many people's viewing habits. A hand-held camera is perceived as authentic [...]

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