According to reports, more than half of the employees in their jobs are unhappy.

For a long time, money was the only currency used to measure labor. Today, there are more and more people for whom money plays a subordinate role. These people work because their work fulfill them and want to give something back to society. "Meaning is the new currency", says employment researcher Tammy Erickson.

Work is food for the soul.

You do not have to look to the future to see that the relationship between people and work has changed dramatically in recent years. In the knowledge and information society, we have different demands on our jobs. It is no longer about survival or wealth building. Today work should also provide satisfaction. However, this increasingly leads to an imbalance between desire and reality.

Reality - work as it is.

Rigid structures without leeway. "When I come out of the office at 4 pm to pick up my daughter, my guilty conscience is a constant companion. Although I have convinced my employer in long negotiations of a part-time model, but my workload is the old - with less time than before!”
Sonja, 32, PR consultant

Everyone works for themselves "I've since long given up, but sometimes it makes me so angry: In all the years I've worked in the bank, no one has ever asked me if maybe something could be improved. My boss is fine, but he's not very interested in my work either. I once suggested how to make a process leaner. I have not heard anything about it until today. I just cannot change anything, although I have many ideas."
Marcel, 44, banker

Work, as it could be.

Freedom and flexibility, personal responsibility and participation, relevance and meaning.

Looking for new ways to shape the lifestyle and work of the future, it is worth looking at the generation that is venturing the labor market. They have experienced their parents’ burnout and have seen that, despite a steep career, you can quickly find yourself in a life of being a statist instead of playing the lead role.

This generation wants to do it differently and throws the career formulas overboard. Instead of running in a hamster wheel, they ask the question of meaning. A successful life for these young people is characterized to a large extent by work, which is meaningful and makes happy.

The generations before them should admit that their recipes have led to prosperity, but not necessarily to well-bein

Is there any space for questions about meaning and happiness?

An important prerequisite for turning yourself into a self-determined life is the burning desire in you to want to change yourself and your life.

We, the flycatcher coaching team, can sustainably support and accompany you in this process of establishing a self-determined life.

We choose the method by which we support you based on your talents. We often work with the Design Thinking method of changing perspectives as well testing and optimizing new ideas. This process has also proven to be particularly creative and sustainable creating a new way of life.

About which topic do you want to have clarity?

For example:

  • Find a job that is liked and loved?
  • Find a career that ensures a financial livelihood?
  • To find a balance between career and family?
  • How does a career change succeed?
  • How can I make a difference in the world?
  • No development at work, no fulfillment privately?

We are happy to discuss it with you - just contact us: contact(at)

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